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The Six Hour Quilt

Perfect for those who are short of time….but who love to make quilts

With: Elizabeth Barton
Skill Level: All Levels

Perfect for those who are short of time….but who love to make quilts

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6 Lessons
Type: Workshop
Price: $63.00 or $78.00
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This is a good basic but also fun class for any student! All in six hours, you will design, select fabrics, cut and sew a quilt top.... then layer, quilt and finish it off.  You will also assess and evaluate as you go, making adjustments as necessary with Elizabeth's guidance and expertize.

Level: For all quilters, particularly beginners and perfect for those who are short of time, but who love to make quilts.

Furthermore, it is an excellent class for a teacher looking for a one day class idea….. A typical quilt class day is six hours.

Plus! It involves working from your stash. No extras needed.

Elizabeth asked three friends to go through the course – every week she took photos and short movies of them working. One had never made a quilt before, one had done embroidery and stitchery, the third had made one traditional sampler quilt. Here are some comments they made about the course.

Michelle, Elizabeth's student who had never made a quilt commented:

I had to good fortune to be invited to learn how Elizabeth Spindler Barton makes Art Quilts. It was a pleasure from start to finish. I learned about “color theory” and principles of composition to develop a plan for my first small quilt. Elizabeth gave clear directions and all the positive feedback needed to move from step to step. The process was logical and Elizabeth is easy to interact with and maintains a witty sense of humor. I never feared making mistakes. I consider myself lucky to have fallen into this unique opportunity to learn another creative medium.

Kathy's comment:

As a working professional, I tend to resort to using others' designs in an effort to save time. Elizabeth's course helped me think through all of the design steps to make a quilt that was not only original, but I was able to finish. Instructions are always clear and easy to follow... and reveal the design principles needed to develop an original quilt with the materials at hand. I had a lot of fun making my quilt, and was happy with the result. In addition to learning new strategies (e.g., a way to finish a quilt without binding), I have a new-found appreciation for the importance of considering value in my work. I can't wait to make another quilt using these ideas!

Karen commented:

I really enjoyed participating in the six-hour quilt class. Usually, I spend a lot of time trying to decide on a design, but in this class we took an image, traced the major shapes, selected a color scheme and chose the fabric. We didn't mess around making choices. As I began cutting out the fabric and sewing the shapes, I continued to simplify the lines of the design. Further simplification would have made the construction proceed faster, but I became embroiled in the curved lines of the design and made the curves more complicated rather than less. However, I am very happy with the final composition. I felt empowered to learn that I could put together a dynamic design and sew it into a completed composition in a very short amount of time. It was marvelous!

Student Comments


I love the details and reflective ideas in Elizabeth's lessons. I also love learning a different way to conceptualize an art quilt. But, most of all, I LOVE the feedback that Elizabeth provides. It redirects and focuses my thinking, keeps me open to new ideas, and expands my knowledge at the same time. She's just the best.

Supplies Required for Workshop

Your fabric stash, and thread.

Usual cutting, sewing and ironing implements

A few pieces of tracing paper, craft paper in 3 values.

Pen, pencil, ruler.

Inspiration photos.