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Seminole Piecing

Create the illusion of intricate piecing by sewing strips, segmenting, and resewing

With: Daphne Greig
Skill Level: Beginner

Create the illusion of intricate piecing by sewing strips, segmenting, and resewing

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3 Lessons
Type: On-demand
Price: $32.00
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Tags: Patchwork, Seminole Piecing, Strip Piecing, Seminole Tote Bag, Seminole Pillow, Seminole Wall Quilt


Seminole Piecing is a patchwork method used by the Seminole people of south Florida to enhance their garments. Daphne will show you how to create eight bands of patchwork using simple rotary cutting and basic piecing techniques. The magic comes when you cut the units apart and sew them back together. You will be inspired by her suggestions to use the bands to trim garments and home décor items. You will learn to make a tote bag, bolster pillow and wall quilt. Level: Advanced beginner and up.

Supplies Required for Workshop

In this class, you will learn how to create bands of patchwork based on designs originally created by the Seminole people of south Florida.  You will use rotary cutting, strip piecing and resewing to create the patchwork.  We will begin with simple designs that you can sew in an hour and progress to more complex designs that build on your new skills. 

Finally, you will be inspired to use your creations to make three items: a tote bag, a bolster pillow and a wall quilt.  Other ideas for using the bands will also be presented.


  • sewing machine
    • 1/4" patchwork foot is STRONGLY recommended
  • rotary cutter - use a new sharp blade for this class
  • rotary cutting mat - minimum size required is 24" x 36"
  • iron
  • rulers -
    • 6" x 24" with 45º angle marked clearly on the ruler
    • you may want to use a 6" x 12" ruler as well
  • fabric markers - choose ones that will show on both light and dark fabric.  I often use Roxanne's pencil for light fabrics and the Clover Chaco Liner for dark fabrics
  • pins - I recommend glass head silk pins - very fine and sharp
  • seam ripper
  • thread snips or small scissors for clipping threads
  • piecing thread - neutral colour such as medium gray
  • leftover batting scraps to stuff your bolster

Fabric will be discussed in first session.  You will be able to use fabrics from your stash for your class assignments


Lesson One

  • Brief look at history of Seminole Patchwork
  • Consider some uses
  • Talk about fabric and thread selection
  • Importance of accurate cutting, sewing and pressing
  • Make three bands
    • Checkerboard
    • Simple Stair Step
    • Tipsy 4-patch

Lesson Two

  • Make Tote bag with Tipsy 4-Patch from Lesson One
  • Make three new bands
    • Border 9-Patch
    • Chevron Band
    • Double Checkers

Lesson Three

  • Make two new bands
    • the Diamond Diagonal
    • the Shaded Arrows
  • Arrange some strips to form a bolster
  • Sew remaining strips to create a wall quilt

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