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Pineapples Plus

Discover infinite varieties of pineapple designs & perfect points of foundation piecing.

Author: Jane Hall
Skill Level: Beginner

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Discover infinite varieties of pineapple designs & perfect points of foundation piecing.

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4 Lessons
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Have you been admiring the wonderful pieced pineapple designs you see at shows, books and magazines? This graphic Log Cabin variation is easy to construct using foundations, and once you learn the basics, there are so many alternatives for the pattern, you will be hooked. From the classic traditional design to some incredible innovative pieces, Jane brings it all to you in this class. You will begin by making one block to learn the technique. At the end of class you will be pineappling with the best of them. You will learn classic and off center designs as well as ways to vary them. There will be several small projects for you to make along the way, and ultimately you can choose to make a whatever size quilt you like, with infinite variations to make it your own design. It looks complex, but success is very attainable for all levels.

Supplies Required for Workshop

The skill level required for this is really inclusive, beginner to advanced.  It helps to have a general piecing knowledge, and to be comfortable with your sewing machine.  Rotary cutting is a lot faster to cut strips than scissors and ruler.  You will NOT need a 1/4" foot or even need to be able to sew with a 1/4" seam allowance.

The supplies needed for the class are minimal and difficult to set out because this is basically a process class, leading to a project.  The directions each week are for blocks of different designs.  Fat quarters or even scraps will do fine until you know which Pineapple you really want to make.  In the final class, there will be a chart from which you can figure out exactly how much of what fabric you will need for any size quilt, potholder to king size. 

In the lessons, we will provide

  • 6" classic pattern
  • off-center pineapple pattern
  • patterns for Shards quilt
  • pattern for Flying Geese pineapple quilt
  • design sheets for classic and off-center pineapples

You will need

  • basic sewing supplies to include
    • sewing machine with foot which allows you to see a line
    • thread
    • pins - short with small heads
    • scissors
  • rotary cutter, ruler and mat
  • pencil, eraser, small ruler
  • tracing paper
  • optional: colored pencils, graph paper, glue stick
  • optional: hinged mirror for previewing designs


Lesson One

  • one fat quarter light value
  • one fat quarter dark value

Lesson Two

What you need will depend on what project you choose

  • scraps or
  • 1/4 or 1/2 yards of 4-10 fabrics, light and dark

Lesson Three

  • three fat quarters – dark, medium, and focus print
  • 1/2 yard background

Lesson Four: batting and backing for chosen project


  • Perfect Pineapples (Hall and Haywood, C&T Publishing 1989) out-of-print ($12)
  • Pineapple piecing papers, 6” and 9” in pads of 25 ($9 and $10)

Both available from: Jane Hall

Please email Jane at for postage information.


Lesson One

  • discuss why this block needs a foundation
  • look at the classic Pineapple
  • print out the foundation
  • piece our first block

Lesson Two

  • look at fabric choices
  • examine Jane's quilts, looking at
    • color
    • shape
    • positioning of elements
  • color to find design possibilities
  • start sewing your original design

Lesson Three

  • look at how to move the center
  • print out an off center foundation
  • begin sewing the block
  • color in the design sheet

Lesson Four

  • explore more variations
    • shards
    • flying geese
  • learn to draft your own
  • join blocks
  • consider borders
  • discuss quilting options

Student's projects