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Perspective In Quilting

Learn perspective in quilting to create the illusion of depth in realistic to abstract art quilts

With: Ruth Blanchet
Skill Level: Intermediate

Learn perspective in quilting to create the illusion of depth in realistic to abstract art quilts

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4 Lessons
Type: Workshop
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Tags: design, perspective, atmosphere, hues, art quilt


Perspective in Quilting is a four-lesson workshop exploring the various forms of perspective for use in art quilts from realistic to abstract images. The use of texture, color, line, and optical illusions to create depth in the quilt is the main feature of the class which also includes some options for displaying the final art quilt. One-on-one help from the instructor to design your own original quilt will be available throughout the class sessions.

The workshop is rated intermediate level for quilters and beginner level in perspective drawing.

This is an intermediate class for students who wish to expand their knowledge of perspective for art quilting. Sewing and quilting knowledge is needed to make the most of this class. Students will be able to do several projects to increase their understanding of perspective and will learn techniques to use in their quilt projects. Students are encouraged to work on a quilt of their own design. Your teacher will answer questions and offer suggestions as you proceed with your project.

Supplies Required for Workshop

Note: Amounts of fabric, batting, interfacing and thread will vary depending on the size you with to make your project.

  • Paper, pencil, eraser, ruler, yard stick,
  • Batting, Timtex™ or buckram (will depend on how heavy the attachments to the quilt are)
  • Lightweight interfacing
  • Needles
  • Thimble
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine, optional (can work by hand)
  • Whatever tools you would use for the methods you choose

Basically, you should have what you need if you have been quilting for a period of time

Optional items:

  • Embroidery thread, yarns, and fibers
  • Colored pencils
  • Fabric markers, inks, paints, or crayons
  • Transfer web
  • Fabric glue
  • Clear plastic (can be as simple as Saran Wrap™, or other clear food wrap)

Fabric Options:

A variety of fabrics can be used from your stash, we need light to dark ranges, low and high contrasts. Batiks, hand dyed, and tonal fabrics can work well for many areas, landscape fabrics, and many kinds of prints will also work.

Special fabrics may be used for sparkle, or texture assuming these quilts are not going to be used and washed. Also fibers of various sorts may be used to create texture or line. For the purposes of the class, Anita will be creating samples mostly in cotton fabrics. 

A number of ways of attaching one fabric to another are available, and which you choose to use as you make your quilts will be entirely up to you. I will be happy to make suggestions and answer questions in the class forums.


Lesson One will introduce you to various kinds of perspective and to the vocabulary of perspective.

Lesson Two will focus on atmospheric perspective using color and texture to dreary depth, and on combining it with linear perspective.

Lesson Three is full of information on drawing various architectural and landscape elements in perspective. This is a good time to draw up your own perspective quilt to include all or any of the information provided.

Lesson Four will focus on presenting the finished piece by designing borders, hanging as a wall hanging or framing.