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Painted Landscapes

Add paint to cloth background for impressionist landscapes

Author: Michele Scott
Skill Level: Beginner

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Add paint to cloth background for impressionist landscapes

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3 Lessons
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Using Sétacolor paint from Pebeo, Michele will teach you to create beautiful watercolor-style mountain scenes and landscapes. No painting experience necessary! Create your painted impression using your own imagination or from a picture you took on vacation. See the wonderful effects this paint can create in two easy lessons! In Lesson Three you will take that painting and embellish it, bringing out the detail in your scene. You will unleash your creativity using a variety of decorative threads that add depth and character to your work. Michele has many examples so you can see how to use the wide array of threads available in today's market. Level: beginner for painting, some experience using specialty threads.

Supplies Required for Workshop

Peaceful Cove


White 100% Cotton.  It is extremely important that you get finely woven cotton. Regular muslins will make the paint seep because of the loosely woven fibers. I prefer to use White Pimatex Cotton from Kaufman. You can also use any fabric that has the letters "PFD" after it (prepared for dyeing). One landscape takes 1 1/2 yards at the most (including border), but you may want as much as 5 yards for any happy accidents.   Michele has this on her Web site.

You will also want 2-3 yards of the white Pimatex to practice all the techniques in Lesson One.

Paint - Setacolor from Pebeo

  • Transparent 10 pack: Ten 45-milliliter bottles in an assortment of all of the colors necessary.
  • Setacolor Pearl - gold and pearl in 45 mL bottles

These will be available from Michele or you can find them at 

If you cannot find the 10 pack and want to buy the individual containers, these are the colors in the 10 pack: Black Lake; Oriental Red; Cardinal Red; Bright Orange; Vermillion; Lemon Yellow; Parma Violet; Ultramarine Blue; Cobalt Blue; Emerald Green.

If you have the opportunity, I like to add these to the mix: Buttercup Yellow; Velvet Brown; Red Ochre; Moss Green.


  • Brushes - foam brushes you can get in any hardware store in a variety of sizes, assorted brushes with natural bristles - I like "hake" brushes the best - they hold a lot of paint.
  • Sponges - large and small sea sponges to add different effects (for rocks, and other textures)

Painting Surface

  • Foam core - You can get this light firm board from any craft store. OR
  • Foam-ula - This is PINK insulation you can find at Home Depot. Cut it in half and tape or glue the two pieces together.

Cover either with white contact paper. It is also a good idea to have a plastic drop cloth if you are doing this inside.

Other Stuff

  • picture - either professional or amateur of a landscape, seascape or mountainscape.  Please know that this will be a watercolor version of the picture.  You will not be able to paint fine details with our paints.  You may, however, add them through appliqué, embellishment or your own fabric paints.
  • spray bottle
  • small containers to hold paint (plastic microwave dinner plates, bowls, etc.)
  • paper towels or old cloths
  • gloves / apron (or wear old clothes!)
  • coarse sea salt (the bigger kind)
  • cheesecloth (available in canning section of grocery store)


  • assortment of leaves to make sunprints for the borders!
  • color wheel or good book on color mixing to help get just the right colors

For Finishing the Landscape

Backing and batting the size of finished piece

Assortment of threads, yarns, to decorate the piece. We will not be doing this until Lesson Three, so you can wait to see the painted piece before deciding how you want to embellish it.

You can order threads from

If you think you might want to appliqué something to the foreground (like the reeds) make sure you have some sort of stabilizer (I use Sulky Tear Easy)

Many of the other items are available from Michele on her site:


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