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Mystery Quilt Art

Create your own unique art quilt in this mystery quilt art workshop learning techniques as you work.

With: Ruth Blanchet
Skill Level: All Levels

Create your own unique art quilt in this mystery quilt art workshop learning techniques as you work.

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20 Parts
Type: Workshop
Price: $63.00
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Tags: Mystery quilt, quilt art, on-demand, quilt design


Not only is this workshop a mystery but you will also learn several techniques along the way. Part of quilt art is learning and discovering so capturing your thoughts elevates your creativity. Sometimes you don't action them immediately... sometimes they remain as a future reference to pursue at a later date.

At the beginning of this workshop, Ruth will teach you several different techniques for you to try. You have options.... and one of those options is to use your own favorite technique... whichever methods you choose, you can successfully complete this course creating a quilt that is completely different from any other student.

As you progress, Ruth will invite you into her studio as she presents her own work so you gain further ideas of what you may or may not wish to include in your own project. You have plenty of options, but if you should get stuck, we include a discussion forum where you can ask Ruth for help should you need it.

So whether you just want a fun course to create something new and mysterious.... or whether you want to learn some new techniques.... or whether you need to come up with some new creative quilt designs, this workshop is for you.

You'll have unlimited time to complete the course and once finished you can Reset the program to begin all over again as many times as you like!

Student Comments


Nice workshop, I learned so much in your Mystery Art Quilt class both with technology and art quilting - I’m learning all sorts of things along the way.

Supplies Required for Workshop

Plenty of scrap fabrics for a small art quilt or more for a larger quilt. Details about the size and fabric requirements are given at the beginning of the workshop and it is all about choices you make as to what you require.

General sewing and quilting supplies.

Optional Item: Printer with ink and paper.