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Free Software for Quilters

Open-source software for quilters, quilt designers and teachers

With: Ruth Blanchet
Skill Level: All Levels

Open-source software for quilters, quilt designers and teachers

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4 Lessons
Type: Workshop
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Tags: Free Software, GIMP, Inkscape, PosteRazor, Design a Quilt, Drawing, Patterns, Designing, Template Drawing, Photo Editing, Line Drawing


Many designers feel they need to buy expensive software to create patterns and designs for quilting, that is not so. You can successfully draw and design by using open-source software. Open-source software means that the software is available free to download and use.

So who is this workshop for? Any quilter or designer who wants to develop their own design from a photo, composition, painting or drawing. Any teacher who wants to draw templates for their students. Any quilt designer who wants to draw professional templates for their patterns. Anyone who wants to learn how to use GIMP (a raster graphics editor), Inkscape (a vector graphics editor) and Posterazor an image enlarger.

In this workshop, you will learn not only how to use the above programs, but how to download and install them, what to watch out for so you don't inadvertently download the wrong software and how to use the three programs as well as some other useful tools. You will understand the difference between raster and vector graphics, learn how to use Layers and how to edit images and draw outlines.

This four-lesson workshop includes a starting up lesson (for downloading your programs correctly) and understanding the elements in drawing, then three more lessons, one dedicated to each of the programs. And if you get stuck or have a question, you have a forum where you can get help from your teacher who will be checking in on a daily basis.

This course is for anyone beginning in using the software mentioned and will cover most topics for drawing templates and basic editing of images. It is ideal for quilters who wish to develop their own patterns.

Student Comments


The lessons were excellent in every way. A LOT was new to me, and yes, I enjoyed this class very much.

Supplies Required for Workshop

Computer with internet access for downloading software.

Note: this workshop is directed to using Windows, however all software is available to be used on a Mac and the information is the same or similar. Mac users need to be confident in using their Mac to enroll in this course.


Lesson One

  • Licenses
  • Downloading Software
  • Installing Software
  • Basic Computer How-to
  • Definitions
  • Speedy Shortcuts
  • Staying Organized
  • Understanding File Extensions
  • Basics of Editing and Drawing
  • Vector and Raster Graphics – what are they?
  • Exporting
  • Understanding Layers
  • Saving Videos
  • Screen Shots

Lesson Two

Posterazor How-to

  • Settings including what to do if you are experiencing a slow computer
  • Importing the best image
  • Page Settings
  • Overlapping
  • Enlarging
  • Adjustments
  • Saving and Printing

Lesson Three

GIMP How-to
  • Start Up and Set Up
  • Opening An Image
  • Starting From Scratch
  • Reducing An Image
  • The Tool Box
  • Select Tools
  • Transform Tools
  • Other Tools
  • Drawing Tools
  • Path Tool
  • Working in Layers
  • Saving & Exporting
  • Color & Gamma
  • Cutting Out
  • Posterizing

Lesson Four

Inkscape How-to

  • Setting Up Defaults
  • Basic Tools
  • Understanding Lines
  • How to Create a Path
  • Ending a Path
  • Edit a Path
  • Edit Size & Orientation
  • Edit Style & Color
  • Edit Structure
  • Selecting Nodes
  • Control Bar Tools
  • Working in Layers
  • Z-Order
  • Saving & Exporting
  • Bucket Fill Tool
  • Eyedropper Tool
  • Copying & Grouping
  • Tips & Extras