Getting Started in the Class

Our setup at the Academy of Quilting is new to many of the students, especially if they have attended classes at Quilt University so I wanted to share some tips and help for students who may be having difficulty. First of all, there are a number of words/link-names that are different so lets look at their meanings first as well as some of the basic names to certain areas of a class.

Class = the entity of a class, all the lessons, requirements, discussions. ie: "Bargello Seasons" by Ruth Blanchet

Welcome = the welcome is the introductory page you are first presented with when you enter the class. There is important information on this page that will help you so it is important to read before diving into the first lesson.

Class Navigation or Class Menu = links for each class. These are always located under the Class name at the top of the white area of your screen. The first link in the class navigation you see is 'welcome'. Do not be confused between the main website menu and the class menu. I have highlight both in the image below.

Requirements = what is needed for you to take the class. Another word for supplies or supply list. Usually there are also resources listed on this page to help you find anything you don't already have.

Classroom = forum, the place where you can chat to the teacher and students. We have added some helpful getting started tips for using the Classroom Forum in our Library: Classroom Forum help

Gallery = a place where teacher's quilts or examples are displayed along with previous students and current students. When first entering the gallery, there is a list of different sub-galleries (albums). Click on any of these albums to see the projects in them. These are displayed as thumbnails. By clicking on the thumbnail, you can get a larger view. You can also scroll through the large images by clicking the 'next' and 'previous' buttons. This video will help you understand the process.

If you can not see this video on our page, please click here

Note: for help on how to reduce an image to send into the gallery see this tutorial: Cropping and Scaling an Image

Lesson = the class is broken down into lessons of manageable size. Usually a new lesson opens each week. Sometimes when a lot of work is involved, there will be two weeks to complete it before the next lesson opens.

I hope this helps any student who is having difficulty navigating the classroom so they can concentrate on learning and being creative.

Happy Quilting!