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Elizabeth Barton

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Elizabeth was born in York, England, educated in England and the US, receiving a Ph.D in 1975.  She emigrated to the US in 1976.  While working in  health service at the University of Georgia, she began to make quilts, focusing on art quilts with the encouragement of an NEA grant in 1995.

Her quilts have been included in national quilt shows including Quilt National (1995, 1999, 2007, 2009 and 2013), Visions (1996, 1998, 2000, 2006), AQE and Expressions, as well as  several all media art shows.  They are in both private and public collections, including the Atlanta Airport.  She retired from the university in order to focus on making quilts and teaching.  To see pictures of her quilts and read more about Elizabeth, visit her Web site http://elizabethbarton.com  and blog http://elizabethbarton.blogspot.com.

Workshops by Elizabeth Barton

Abstract Art for Quiltmakers calendar image
Abstract Art for Quiltmakers
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 31 Aug 2018
Develop many different abstract designs suitable for creating amazing art quilts

Price: $50.00     More Price Options...

Basic Dyeing For Quiltmakers calendar image
Basic Dyeing For Quiltmakers
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Basic dyeing techniques using safe, simple and fast Procion MX dyes

Price: $50.00     More Price Options...

Dyeing To Design calendar image
Dyeing To Design
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Combine one dyeing process and one principle of art as you design a small quilt in each lesson

Price: $51.00     More Price Options...

Inspired to Design calendar image
Inspired to Design
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Learn to recognize and use inspiration in the world around you

Price: $40.00     More Price Options...

Mod Meets Improv calendar image
Mod Meets Improv
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 3 Aug 2018
Improv methods dispense with tedious traditional methods of construction

Price: $52.00     More Price Options...

More Abstract Art For Quiltmakers calendar image
More Abstract Art For Quiltmakers
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 6 Jul 2018
There are so many wonderful quilt designs ideas within the abstract art field, let's unveil some

Price: $50.00     More Price Options...

The Six Hour Quilt calendar image
The Six Hour Quilt
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 29 Jun 2018
Perfect for those who are short of time….but who love to make quilts

Price: $59.00     More Price Options...

Working In Series calendar image
Working In Series
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Experienced art quilters learn to dig deeper by exploring one subject in a series

Price: $41.00     More Price Options...