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Ruth Blanchet


Ruth was born in Nelson, a small city located at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. Her passion for quilt making has taken her into the world of professionalism as designer, teacher and owner of her quilting company.

She has always been keen on crafts of all kinds, entering her first embroidery in a contest at the age of six. For the past thirty years, she has concentrated mainly on quilting and designing patterns. She started her own business in 1996 known today as Arbee Designs. Her company enjoys the fruits of her labor and has brought forth other designers who have joined her company.

Ruth also enjoys sharing her work and ideas with others who show similar interests by tutoring and lecturing. She holds a certificate in Dressmaking, Pattern Cutting and Design and gained qualifications in Adult teaching by successfully completing the foundation courses and a Course Design module. Her passion is teaching and designing. She has created famous quilts for successful companies throughout the industry. Her quilt designs are in demand due to the simplicity of her detailed pattern instructions and the beautiful quality of these that are sold over the internet.

Workshops by Ruth Blanchet

A Day In The Country calendar image
A Day In The Country
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Make 20 different blocks learning numerous techniques

Price: $63.00 $37.80

Advanced Bargello Building calendar image
Advanced Bargello Building
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 28 Feb 2020
An advanced classed in Bargello learning. Learn how to construct this detailed bargello

Price: $42.00     More Price Options...

Advanced Stained Glass - Scarlet Rose calendar image
Advanced Stained Glass - Scarlet Rose
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 3 Apr 2020
Everyone loves a red rose so treat yourself with this easy stained glass applique technique

Price: $32.00     More Price Options...

Bargello Seasons calendar image
Bargello Seasons
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 3 Jan 2020
In this starter class in bargello, learn many different bargello techniques while making four different projects

Price: $52.00     More Price Options...

BOM Spring Life calendar image
BOM Spring Life
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Beautiful Butterflies and flowers BOM project with easy adjustable size options, a bonus part and alternative applique and embroidery options

Price: $63.00

Christmas Holly Wreath calendar image
Christmas Holly Wreath
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Learn easy methods of applique and quilting techniques for a festive look.

Price: $32.00 $24.00

Circular Bargello calendar image
Circular Bargello
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 7 Feb 2020
Have you tried a circular Bargello? All cutting is straight edges, believe it or not.

Price: $32.00     More Price Options...

Decorate Your Christmas Tree calendar image
Decorate Your Christmas Tree
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Everyone needs a Christmas Tree skirt - create poinsettias, holly or snowflakes on yours.

Price: $32.00 $24.00

Free Software for Quilters calendar image
Free Software for Quilters
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Open-source software for quilters, quilt designers and teachers

Price: $52.00 $41.60

Getting Started With Quilt Art calendar image
Getting Started With Quilt Art
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 31 Jan 2020
Develop a collection of unique art quilts through fun exercises. Choose any you'd like to try or do them all to expand your creative skills and find the direction you wish to pursue.

Price: $42.00     More Price Options...

Knot of Squares calendar image
Knot of Squares
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Three Construction options, three border options, three sizes plus multiple quilting ideas. Patchwork piecing.

Price: $42.00 $33.60

Layered Machine Applique calendar image
Layered Machine Applique
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Add depth, dimension and perspective with layers of fabrics and sculptural quilting

Price: $42.00 $27.72

Machine Quilting calendar image
Machine Quilting
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
This class provides the answers to beautifully finished quilts with machine quilting

Price: $42.00 $33.60

Mariners Compass calendar image
Mariners Compass
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
You can make perfect points with foundation piecing. Beginner or advanced project.

Price: $22.00 $17.60

Mystery Quilt calendar image
Mystery Quilt
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Mystery for Life - work at your own pace for as long as you like

Price: $52.00

Mystery Quilt Art calendar image
Mystery Quilt Art
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
A mystery quilt art workshop

Price: $63.00 $50.40

Pacific Aquarium calendar image
Pacific Aquarium
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Make an aquarium or a cottage garden, embellishing both by hand and machine

Price: $42.00 $25.20

Patchwork With A Twist calendar image
Patchwork With A Twist
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
No precise 1/4" seam and cutting does not have to be accurate until the end.

Price: $32.00 $21.12

Poppin Poppies calendar image
Poppin Poppies
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Learn dimensional applique with basic machine embroidery techniques

Price: $42.00 $25.20

Printing on Fabric calendar image
Printing on Fabric
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Learn how to transfer photographs to fabric, then make one of four projects

Price: $32.00 $24.00

Quilt The Zodiac calendar image
Quilt The Zodiac
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Now you can turn your zodiac sign into a tote or cushion or make an entire quilt of zodiac signs

Price: $42.00 $25.20

Stained Glass Applique for Beginners calendar image
Stained Glass Applique for Beginners
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 13 Mar 2020
Learn stained glass applique skills by creating one of two projects - a poinsettia or sunflower

Price: $42.00     More Price Options...

Still Life calendar image
Still Life
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 20 Mar 2020
Create your own real Still Life pictures in textile art

Price: $42.00     More Price Options...

Sunflowers At Dawn calendar image
Sunflowers At Dawn
Type: Scheduled - Start Date: 27 Mar 2020
Learn how to select the right fabrics, place them, piece and applique them correctly

Price: $32.00     More Price Options...

Tote That Mat calendar image
Tote That Mat
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Use class blocks or your own to add pockets to this Quilters tote

Price: $32.00 $21.12

Twisted Bargello calendar image
Twisted Bargello
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Break away from the horizontal design with an exploding twist

Price: $42.00 $31.50