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Rose Hughes uses quilting and her love of art to express her vision of life’s stitched magic. She loves using her Fast-Piece Appliqué™ method to transform curved shapes of colorful fabrics, and build her quilt tops layer by layer.  Rose sprinkles these quilt tops of custom fabrics, rich silks, hand-painted and commercial cottons with texture, and add shiny magic with yarns, beads, wool along with found and handmade embellishments.

It is the transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary that keeps Rose wanting more, and by using the techniques she has shared in her three books, Dream Landscape, and Exploring Embellishments, and Design, Create, Quilt, the stitching remains fast-fun and easy, giving Rose the gift of time to work on the long list of quilts in her head.

Rose’s quilt journey now stretches over 20 years, and she continues to love learning all the fabric magic she can find.  On this journey, Rose has created and exhibited her work nationally and internationally, and back in 1996 she started, Quilts on the Wall: Fiber Artists that continues to be an organization where anyone interested in quilt art can come and learn and share.

Her work has appeared in books, videos and patterns where she shares methods and ideas, and she is continually delighted by opportunities to share her love of transforming fabric. She has been a contributor to Quilting Arts, Quilters Newsletter, Quilters Home, American Quilter, Quilts Japan, and Generation Q magazines, and she had a blast sharing her techniques and quilts while appearing on Simply Quilts, The Quilt Show, and the Quilt out Loud, Quilters Home and Creative Mojo quilt programs. At any point you may see Rose’s quilts, as they continue to appear in solo exhibits, quilt festivals, galleries.

The passion of creating anew, creating something important to the maker is a joyful experience that Rose always try to pass on in her presentations and workshops. Rose’s lectures and workshops are designed to help quilters and non-quilters alike find innovated ways to express themselves while creatively exploring new techniques and building new skills.

For more about Rose  you may click over to her website, http://rosehughes.com/home.htm  or for more of her musings check out her blog, http://rosehughes.blogspot.com.

She is excited to be part of Quilting Academy and she is looking forward to sharing her love and excitement of all things ‘fabric’ with her students.


Workshops by Rose Hughes

Fabric-ating Embellishments calendar image
Fabric-ating Embellishments
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Explore the world of creating embellishments with fabric-needle & thread and a whole array of other fun materials

Price: $52.00

Shaping Up With Fast-Piece Applique calendar image
Shaping Up With Fast-Piece Applique
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
FUN, FAST and Fantastically easy quilt construction that simplifies complicated curves and circles - Fast-Piece Applique™

Price: $42.00     More Price Options...