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Workshops by Dena Dale Crain

Bind Quilts by Machine calendar image
Bind Quilts by Machine
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Never again sew a binding on by hand; instead, finish ALL your quilts quickly and beautifully by machine!

Price: $32.00

Crystal Quilts calendar image
Crystal Quilts
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Learn to make both reflected and tessellated Crystal Quilts

Price: $51.00     More Price Options...

Darned Quilts calendar image
Darned Quilts
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Play with identical shapes and color changes to create dynamic movement in abstract art wall hanging quilts—fast, furious and FUN!

Price: $53.00     More Price Options...

Math for Quilters calendar image
Math for Quilters
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Gain confidence as you take control of mathematics: learn to design, plan, layout, cost and price original quilts with ease!

Price: $74.00

Reflections calendar image
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Discover how the magic in a patchwork quilt comes from interpreting a simple, but original, design sketch into fabric and learn new, but trusted, sewing methods that help, as you watch your patchwork quilt designs turn into marvelous works of art!

Price: $53.00     More Price Options...

Structured Fabrics calendar image
Structured Fabrics
Type: On-demand - Start Any Time!
Combine mixed materials in unusual ways to create Structured Fabrics checks, plaids and stripes, then use them to build original quilt designs for wall, table, cushion or other non-bedding use - amazing things are possible!

Price: $42.00