About Us

The Academy of Quilting brings you the joy of learning how to quilt, applique & patchwork, creative designs, art & wearable art, fabric dyeing, digital designs and creations, beading and accessories. All can be accomplished in the comfort of your home with online quilting classes.

The Academy of Quilting was created in 2008 with the purpose of helping quilters (beginners through to advanced) create wonderful quilts and designs with the ease of having one on one instruction. Ruth Blanchet, having been teaching for many years, has assisted in the construction of this website program with great care and emphasis on the ease of use for the student and faculty members. She is also the Dean of the Academy of Quilting and is here to support you throughout your experience at the Academy. The Academy offers diverse classes with the highest quality of teachers. The faculty looks forward to seeing you in their classes. Come join the many who are signing up for our quilt classes.

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In the Academy of Quilting you will find

  • Detailed instructions enhanced with photographs and videos
  • Online presentation (gallery) of your work along with other students
  • A Discussion Forum or Comments area to ask your questions and learn from questions other students ask
  • The opportunity to meet other students from around the world
  • Classes that are competitively priced and unsurpassed in quality

We have two types of classes: On-demand classes and Scheduled classes. Scheduled classes run on a set date for 4 to 10 weeks depending on the number of lessons included. Most of these classes will run twice each year. On-demand classes are available to begin as soon as you make a user account (with confirmation) and we have given you access (within 24 hours of purchase, usually much sooner and often within an hour).

When you register for either class type, you will be able to see the details for this class under your "My Academy" link. (only available when you are logged in) This should be available within 24 hours after registration.

A scheduled class includes a teacher-led forum for discussion with teacher and other students. You have access to upload your own photos within the class forum. Lessons are scheduled to open usually weekly, however sometimes an extra week is added when lots of work is involved. Lesson opening dates can be found on the welcome page of the class. All classes are a minimum of four weeks long and remain open at least two weeks after the last lesson is posted.

On-demand classes do not include a forum but do include a comments/question area at the end of each lesson for you to interact with the teacher. All lessons are open immediately. You can begin as soon as you log in.

Both types of class include galleries where you can see your classmates work along with all the learning information, templates, graphics, videos and text. Not all classes include video. Other students who are also registered for the class will be sharing the same class information, adding their photos in the gallery (via forum if available or email) and asking questions in the classroom forum or comments area for you to read and respond to if you wish. You have access to the classroom as long as it is open 24/7.