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At AoQ we have online workshops to suit your needs. Some workshops are Scheduled and others are On-demand. The calendar below shows class start/stop dates for Scheduled classes starting soon. Use the two links before for more classes.

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Class Calendar

Online workshops listed below are Scheduled Classes. This means they have a start/stop date and a teacher-led forum for interaction.

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Price: US$ 41.00

Bargello Blues
Tutor: Ruth Blanchet :: Lessons: 4
Dates: Aug 25 - Oct 16
An advanced classed in Bargello learning. Learn how to construct this detailed bargello

Price: US$ 40.00

Winter Wonderland
Tutor: Linda Schmidt :: Lessons: 4
Dates: Aug 25 - Oct 09
Why wait for snow when you can learn how to make your own?

Price: US$ 50.00

Fabric Painting
Tutor: Marjorie McWilliams :: Lessons: 5
Dates: Aug 25 - Oct 16
Learn how to paint on fabric using Jacquard Textile Paints

Price: US$ 40.00

Digitized Quilting
Tutor: Joanne Winn :: Lessons: 4
Dates: Sep 01 - Oct 16
Use your embroidery module to quilt small items. Not for beginners

Price: US$ 72.00

Montage Quilting
Tutor: Marilyn Belford :: Lessons: 6
Dates: Sep 01 - Nov 27
Create your own composition using various pictorial elements from various sources such as different photographs or fragments of printing.

Price: US$ 30.00

Decorate Your Christmas Tree
Tutor: Ruth Blanchet :: Lessons: 3
Dates: Sep 01 - Oct 9
Everyone needs a Christmas Tree skirt - create poinsettias, holly or snowflakes on yours.

Price: US$ 52.00

Mod Meets Improv
Tutor: Elizabeth Barton :: Lessons: 5
Dates: Sep 01 - Oct 30
Improv methods dispense with tedious traditional methods of construction

Price: US$ 40.00

EQ7 - The Next Step
Tutor: Shirley Goodwin :: Lessons: 4
Dates: Sep 08 - Oct 23
Part two in EQ7 - gain confidence in designing pieced and applique blocks in EQ7

Price: US$ 40.00

UFO Roundtable with Marilyn Belford
Tutor: Marilyn Belford :: Lessons: 0
On Demand - start when you want.
Get help with your unfinished project

Price: US$ 50.00

Pets with Personality
Tutor: Marilyn Lee :: Lessons: 5
Dates: Sep 08 - Nov 20
Create a wonderful and cherished art quilt of your special "Pet with Personality" using fabric and thread.

Price: US$ 61.00

Waves And Waterfalls
Tutor: Linda Schmidt :: Lessons: 6
Dates: Sep 08 - Nov 13
Create realistic moving water with non-traditional methods and materials.

Price: US$ 40.00

Fun With Paintstiks
Tutor: Daphne Greig :: Lessons: 4
Dates: Sep 15 - Oct 23
Experiment with Paintstiks on a variety of fabrics with assorted stamps, stencils and rubbing surfaces

Price: US$ 48.00

Fabric-ating Embellishments
Tutor: Rose Hughes :: Lessons: 4
Dates: Sep 15 - Dec 11
Explore the world of creating embellishments with fabric-needle & thread and a whole array of other fun materials

Price: US$ 51.00

Realistic Fabric Portraits
Tutor: Marilyn Belford :: Lessons: 5
Dates: Sep 15 - Nov 13
Step-by-step guide through the techniques that enable you to produce realistic fabric portraits

Price: US$ 31.00

Circular Bargello
Tutor: Ruth Blanchet :: Lessons: 3
Dates: Sep 22 - Nov 06
Have you tried a circular Bargello? All cutting is straight edges, believe it or not.

Price: US$ 50.00

Digitizing Feathers and Flowers
Tutor: Joanne Winn :: Lessons: 5
Dates: Sep 22 - Nov 06
How to draw your own floral or feather designs using Bernina's built-in Corel Draw Essentials tool

Price: US$ 50.00

Bits & Pieces Scrap Fabric Landscape
Tutor: Marilyn Lee :: Lessons: 5
Dates: Sep 29 - Nov 20
Turn your fabric scraps into amazingly beautiful and breathtaking landscapes!

Price: US$ 44.00

Bargello Seasons
Tutor: Ruth Blanchet :: Lessons: 4
Dates: Sep 29 - Nov 27
In this starter class in bargello, learn many different bargello techniques while making four different projects.