Class Details for Patchwork With A Twist

Number of Lessons: 3
Price: US$ 30.00
Tutor: Ruth Blanchet
On Demand: Start anytime

This is a fun patchwork quilt class designed for beginner to advanced quilters alike. No precise 1/4" seam and cutting does not have to be accurate until the end when you square up the blocks. Lots of tips are included with easy piecing instructions and video support so you can learn the technique with ease. Multiple sizes are included with the opinion of a single background or alternating block background effect. Our video enhances the class with step-by-step construction of the block. You really cannot go wrong with this easy to make block. Ruth has the answer to any mistake you may think you are making, even a crooked cut strip!

Supplies and Outline

Fabric Requirements:

Practice Block:

You will need ONE 40” strip in four different fabrics (total of 4 strips).

Note: If your strip is not 40” in length you can use shorter lengths that total more than 40”. Example: If you are using fat quarters (approximately 20” length) cut TWO 2 1/2” strips to make the length.

The best way to select fabrics for this practice block is by using two different fabrics in two colors OR two light/medium fabrics and two dark fabrics


Each block is made up of ONE 2 1/2” x 40” strip in four different fabrics so times 2 1/2” by the number of blocks you wish to make. Example: For a six block quilt you will need 15” (say 1/2 yard) of each fabric. For a twelve block quilt you will need approximately 7/8 yard.

Your block as three setting options.

Option 1 is without background (12” finish)

Option 2 has square background setting (19” finish)

Option 3 have twisted background setting (16” finish)

For Options 2 & 3 you will require TWO 4” x 40” strips per block. Example: For a six block quilt you will need a total of 48”. For alternating backgrounds you would use two fabrics totaling this amount. That is 24” for each.


Borders will vary depending on the block option and the amount of blocks used. As a guideline I used approximately 1/2 yard for the first border and 1 – 1 5/8 yard for the second border.

Additional Requirements:

Batting and backing fabric at least 4” larger than quilt size

Binding fabric

Thread for piecing and quilting

Freezer Paper (optional)

General quilting supplies

6 1/2” square ruler (ideal but not essential)

16 1/2” square ruler for option 3 block setting (ideal but not essential)