Class Details for Beginning Machine Embroidery

Number of Lessons: 3
Price: US$ 30.00
Tutor: Joanne Winn
Start Date: 13 April 2018
Weeks Open: 5.5

You bought a sewing machine with an embroidery module and you've never figured out how to use it, right? Now you can. In this process class, you will learn how to stitch the designs that came with your machine, download designs from the internet, save them in design files, print PDF Color Charts and plan design placement using those files. In over 30 years of teaching, Joanne has learned how many different kinds of sewing and embroidery machines work. She will be able to help you learn about your embroidery machine and how to use it with your computer. Screen shots in this class use Windows XP and Windows 7. If you use something else, you should be familiar enough with your computer to adjust. Level: Beginner.

Supplies and Outline

This class is not for any special brand of embroidery machines.  I do not know everything about every kind of embroidery machine but I have over two decades of experience.  I will do everything that I can to help you use your embroidery machine to its fullest capabilities.

There is no hoop size restriction for this class because you will use designs that are included with your machine and designs from the internet for the first two lessons.  I will provide the embroidery designs for Lesson Three.  There is a 5. 5" x 5. 5" center design and a related smaller design.  One of the exercises in Lesson Three will show you how to resize an embroidery design.  There is also an exercise in Lesson Three on planning a design placement project and this could be done using the small design.


Fabric - This is a process class and you can use any fabrics that you already have on hand.  You will need scraps or yardage totaling about one half yard, unless you get really busy and stitch a lot of designs for each lesson.  Batiks and high thread count fabrics work out well for embroideries.

Stabilizers -  a tear away and an iron-on stabilizer, about 1/2 yard each 

Embroidery needles - There is usually a package of machine needles included with your machine.  These will be the brand and type of needle that your machine manufacturer recommends.  Embroidery needles are usually the type of needle that is used for machine embroidery.  If you have had your machine for a while and do not remember which brand is recommended, check it out in your manual.

Threads - You will need approximately five different colors of thread.  Polyester and cotton threads are my favorites for anything that I am going to quilt.  Rayon looks pretty but is a much softer fiber and does not wear as well.  Choose this for items that will be displayed only.

Other Supplies

  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Iron and ironing board or pressing mat
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Wash out pen or a marking pencil that you are comfortable using
  • 6" square or 3 1/2" x 12" ruler
  • Rotary cutter and mat


Lesson One

  • Unlocking the mysteries of your embroidery manual
  • Setting up the embroidery machine
  • Embroidery machine formats
  • Finding out what embroidery format your machine uses
  • What size embroidery field does your machine stitch?
  • How does the embroidery design get into the machine?
  • Discussions on
    • needles
    • threads
    • stabilizers
    • hoops
    • fabrics
  • Setting up the embroidery machine to stitch
  • Opening a design
  • What if my thread breaks?
  • Learn the different functions that came with your machine
  • Stitch out a design

Lesson Two

  • Learn how to set up embroidery design folders using Microsoft Explorer
  • Download and save embroidery designs from the Internet
  • Learn how to use and print PDF Files
  • View an actual stitch out of an embroidery design on your computer screen
  • Discuss purchasing designs
  • Set up My Favorites in Internet Explorer
  • Add embroidery designer’s Web sites to My Favorites
  • Stitch out an embroidery design that you have downloaded from the Internet

Lesson Three

  • Learn how to convert an embroidery design to a different format
  • Learn how to resize an embroidery design
  • Download zipped embroidery files
  • Discuss embroidery design placement
  • Stitch out embroidery designs
  • Disaster control